Food Allergy, Food Sensitivity and Food Intolerance

Brain fog, negative mood states, sleep issues, skin rashes, unexplained aches and pains, chronic constipation, early ageing, and many more…….

Could these be improved by making more intelligent food choices?

Many ancient cultures share the same wisdom – disease (dis-ease) starts from the mouth/gut.

Our gastrointestinal tract is our major line of defense. 60% of our immune system is in the gut. When the lining of our gut breaks down, food particles get out and trigger our immune system to recognise that particular food as a foreign invader. Before this situation becomes a medical emergency, often it is tolerated. Many operate in a state of chronic inflammation with an overworked immune system.

One thing we hear a lot at our health consultation and food tolerance assessment is why is that the client has been eating certain foods all their lifeand “all of a sudden”it has become a problem.

Let’s be clear about these:

  • What used to be “good” for you may not be so now, as your body’s needs change
  • Just because your body’s been tolerating something does not mean you would “thrive” on them. The damage is accumulative
  • When the immune reaction is delayed we often do not often the connection with the food we eat

Food is information we feed our cells. What we eat becomes our body, and even our moods and thoughts because our nervous system is part of the body.

Here’s a quick differentiation among “allergy”, “sensitivity” and “intolerance” when it comes to food tolerances. Slightly different mechanisms are at playwith each type, and they form a continuum.

Food Allergy

True food allergy is rare, affecting only 4-6% of the population. (1)

Food allergy occurs when your body identifies any substance, usually a protein, in your food, as a foreign body (allergen). Thus, your immune system stimulates production ofIgE antibodies for defense.

Upon re-exposure to the same food, these antibodies release Histamine (an inflammatory mediator) to cause an allergic reaction.

Food allergy is often an IMMEDIATE (IgE-mediated) aggressive reaction. The reaction can include:

Skin rashes, hives, swelling, itchiness, difficulty swallowing, inability to breathe, low BP, and even sudden death.

Cow’s milk, eggs, soybeans, peanuts, and shellfish account for most food allergic reactions.

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity is less fatal than food allergy but a lot more common and is caused by delayed IgG or IgA hypersensitivity reaction.

Food sensitivity can cuase mild-to-moderate symptoms within few hours to several days after ingestion. These include heartburn, irritability, nervousness, headache, fatigue, brain fog, heart palpitations, sleeping difficulty, skin rashes, and joint pain.

(2)Too much of even anything “good” can be harmful. It is not uncommon at all to develop sensitivities to the very foods you eat the most.

(3) This is why it is important to rotate our food and eat according to the changing needs of the our body (this is part of ancient wisdom).

Food Intolerance

Food intolerance is the most unnoticed of the three. Medically the definition of food tolerance occurs when your gastrointestinal system cannot process or fully digest a portion of food because your body lacks a particular enzyme required for complete digestion. (4)

The most common example is “lactose intolerance”. People intolerant to lactose cannot consume milk, yogurt, cheese, or other dairy products because they have insufficient lactase (enzyme) to digest lactose in milk products. Another common example is intolerance to MSG.

The symptoms of food intolerance may includemild irritations such as bloating, gas, brain fog, etc, but more often than not, food intolerances contribute to chronic inflammation and degeneration. These effects are not potentially dangerous and thus not noted in the conventional medical check-up or food “allergy” testing.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day we all do want our immune system to work for us don’t we? It is exactly doing its job when it gives us warning sign that we are not supposed to be ingesting harmful substances that it does not recognise (e.g. MSG) because it is not “food” in the first place. Our ancestors never consumed it.

Our immune system is supposed to be vigilant but not to be hyper-vigilant, rejecting even foods that are natural and nourishing to us, and wasting resources by causing chronic inflammation to the whole living system.

Why would our immune system and gut become overly reactive and reject even “normal” foods that you and your ancestors have been eating would be discussed further in another article.
How to find out your food allerges/sensitivities and intolerances?

We offer various ways for you to find out depending on your goals and budget: The most popular way for preventative health is using our BioresonanceRayonex system to find out yourfood tolerancesof over 168 common foods. You do not need to have eaten these foods to be tested with bioresonance on your food tolerances because it is based on frequency principle. Price starts from HK1300 and AND we also cover your nutritional deficiencies and you will know the results as early as on the same day. With a little extra time we cover indicators of health, including meridian health, organ system health and mental wellbeing, and stressors like geopathic stress, heavy metal and environmental toxins and electro-magnetic pollution AND concrete recommendations on what you can do. Click here for details >>>

To complement the Bioresonance food tolerance testing, or as a standalone service, you may also consider doing biochemical food allergy and sensitivity test with us. With the same budget the tested food items are considerable less (and most requires leadtimeof 2-3 weeks because the test is done in a lab outside of Hong Kong), but these tests would indicate what your immunity has already reacted to the offending food substances. Options are varied. To test your sensitivity and allergy to 88 foods it would cost around HK3000. Contact us to discuss your needs so we can recommend. All testing or assessment includes consultation with our qualified nutritionist (and additionally with our founder and multi-disciplinary healing expert if called for).

And in terms of root cause healing, apart from avoiding the offending foods for a period for the gut to heal, you have the option of proactively taking on bioresonance harmonisation and other recommendations from us, so you can improve the functioning of your digestive and immune functions faster, as well as overall functioning and how you feel. You will also find that unhealthy cravings can drop away as your restore more balance. Talk to us today to see how you can start getting clarity and healing. References: