Aligning Our Two Minds with PSYCH-K® (and more)

Dr Bruce Lipton, pioneer in stem cell study, cell biologist and author of the inspirational best seller “The Biology of Belief” was recently interviewed by Ode Magazine.  He explains the core messages of his influential works, and how HE reprograms his own subconscious to replace limiting beliefs.  Must read if you are interested in being the best you can be.  He talks about the PSYCH-K® process which he uses in this interview.

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Dr Lipton is also a great proponent of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  (See this post)

(Our founder Anita Cheung integrates EFT, PSYCH-K® and any other appropriate processes in her integrative coaching sessions.  Click here to learn more.

These sessions are NOT psychotherapy and do not replace them.  Although they may complement psychotherapy and other therapies that focus only in the cerebral level for those open to it, because the processes involve the BODY and the subconscious mind where the emotions are stored.)