Life Coaching

We live in a dynamically changing world. How are you adapting to rapid changes in the world? Do you feel out of alignment with the authentic “you”?

Can you use support with handling unexpected or even shocking surprises such as:

  • A loved one being diagnosed with a serious illness
  • Losing a loved one
  • Losing your job
  • Moving to a new country
  • Change in personal or professional partnership
  • and more….

Talking to a professional experienced in facilitating change and life transition and who has a comprehensive understanding of resources may very much help you gain new insights and see new possibilities.

Followings are some examples of the many actions taken which facilitate transitions in life:

  • Processing and releasing old trauma memories
  • Understanding the many options available to restore health and balance
  • Recognising subconscious limiting beliefs and shifting them
  • Optimising mental clarity with nutritional supplements
  • Untangling from hidden pattern from one’s family system with family constellation
  • Gaining clarity on next career move by using personality tests and coaching to understand one’s innate strength and passion
  • Spiritual healing to reconnect with the ultimate source of trust and courage to follow one’s true purpose

Our founder is an experienced integrative health practitioner, life coach, entrepreneur and healer. She is constantly learning and reinventing herself and is experienced in life transformation and using her skills and life experience in facilitating others through their transformation.

Read Anita’s Bio here.

Anita’s coaching and integrative healing sessions are 1h, 1.5 h and 2 h. Existing Bioresonance health consultation clients or returning clients are also welcome to book a 30-minutes session.