Quick Wellness Scan with Harmonisation

Affordable . Personalised . Quick

This patent-pending method is like modern day “pulse reading” and is completely safe, painfree and have no side effects. It is based on the understanding that the body reacts to a stimulus (sent through the Bioresonance machine). Various heart rate parameters are measured by means of ECG and calculated. Qualitative changes in the heart beat are thus measured for each stimulas and then the system evaluates whether harmonisation is required.

The harmonisation programme is thus automatically generated according to the specific need of the client at the time of assessment.

To perform this scan, electro-nodes will be placed on the body and the scan will take about 12 minutes.

The rest of the remaining (approximately) 30 minutes will be time for the tailor made Bioresonance programme.

You have the option of saving the programme for a Bioresonance Harmonisation session using the same programme.

This service does not include consultation and the data collected from the automatic scan is on the single frequency values that require balancing are well suited for creating custom balancing but are not definitive for intepretation. You may opt to make an appointment with our Bioresonance Practitioner to perform a Bioresonance Health Assessment if interpretion and further investigation is required.


Quick Tune-Up with Bioresonance

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